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Raylene – Playing Pick-up Ball With Raylene

Raylene was just trying to take a nap when some guys outside started shooting hoops and making a ruckus When she went outside to tell them to quiet down, they recognized her as a legendary Milf porn star Just so happened Lucas wanted to get out of the sun, too, he ran inside with Raylene to tire her ass out with some one-on-one with his big black cock

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Raylene – Estranged

After being away for eight long years, Michael has finally returned home Luckily Raylene is on hand to make Michael feel better, and welcome her soldier home with open legs

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Raylene – 90 Beats Per Minute

Coach Cox is insisting on a Cardiac Stress test for his best player, Ramon,whose back from a hiatus for the big game But Coach Cox is still unsatisfied by the results of sexy doctor Raylenes stress test She decides to administer her own private test to see if Ramon will still cum out on top

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Raylene – Dean Raylene

Raylene is the dean of ZZ University, a party college with a bad reputation Shes desperate for good students like Guy, but hes unimpressed with the scholarship theyre offering She quickly realizes the only way to change his mind is to pull out the big guns – aka her big tits

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Raylene – Raylenes Really Wet

Our girl Raylene has got it all- Nice plump tits and a wicked ass So wicked, in fact, that it begs for oil from all over to drizzle down into every crevasse Once satiated, who could resist a little ass-play with Raylene Anyone

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Raylene – Motherlover

Its Mothers Day and wouldnt you know it, Raylene is underappreciated by her family Fortunately, one of her sons friends, Johnny drops by and catches her masturbating As a means to make amends for walking in on her in such a delicate situation, he offers to give her a back rub while she takes a bath One thing leads to another, and before too long, Johnny proves hes a Grade-A motherlover

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Raylene – Gimmie Some Cock

Raylene is a fuckilicious MILF who gets invited to a party held by her neighbours She decides to attend in the hopes of finding a well-hung gentlemen who can fuck her tight little asshole six ways from Sunday Her initial attempt to attract some cock is disappointing to say the least, given the nerd-to-stud ratio at this sausage fest But when she meets Voodoo, she knows shes found her man

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Raylene – Whores Of Anarchy

Riley Jensen is the president of the Redwood Original charter of the Whores of Anarchy, a gang of lesbian “motorcycle enthusiasts” Riley gets to have any woman she wants while away from home, as long as her old lady, Raylene, doesnt have to hear about it Needless to say, Raylene needs to discipline Riley when one of her tarts comes knocking on home turf

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Raylene – Whos The Big Porn Star

Raylene is determined to be a big pornstar So we serve her not one but two of our finest studs, Marco and Mark, to bring out her star quality Pimping aint easy If you want it that bad, youd better double your work

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Charley Chase – Threesome Therapy

Charley and Ramon’s marriage has hit the rocks. Things have gotten so bad that the unhappy couple has hired a marriage counselor, Raylene. As they describe their marriage to Raylene, we see flashbacks of the couple arguing, treating each other with indifference, and failing to please each other sexually. Raylene concludes that the couple’s problems stem from a fading sex life, and suggests immediate fucking as the best way to rescue the marriage.

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Raylene – Sparkled Big Ass

Raylene has a very sexy, juicy ass and she likes to show it off, even more behind a special set up that she has ready for her friend Jordan who comes and helps her take care of that ass hungry of cock. Everything is set up and ready for a great oiled ass fuck.

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Raylene – Leave It To Moms Beaver

Raylene’s daughter is having a little trouble with her boyfriend Ramon. It seems that her daughter’s breasts aren’t big enough to keep his attention in line. Raylene decides the best course of action is to show Ramon that her daughter breasts are going to develop just like hers. So to keep Ramon in line with her daughter he can play with Raylene’s luscious tits until her daughter gets her own.

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Raylene – I Pay For This

Raylene is a high profile bossy bitch. She is very used to dominating all the men around her office, hiring and firing at a whim. Today, she receives some secretive phone call from an unknown source. Something she has paid for but has yet to receive. But when she gets home after a hard day’s work, her ass quickly finds out.

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Chayse Evans – Some Kinda Magic

Chayse is having a tough time getting an orgasm, which explains why she needs help, however from the test samples it turns out that her husband is to blame. Dr Raylene fixes the problem and shows Chayse how to get the most out of her husband’s cock as they both take turns to sit on it.

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Raylene – A Pair of Aces

Raylene hasn’t gone on a date since her husband left her but is finally ready to move on when she gets asked out on a date by a guy at a coffee shop. However, her spirit is crushed once again when her date ditches her last minute. When she goes downstairs to see her son, who is playing poker with his friends they are quick to comfort her, especially her sons friend Keiran who goes ‘all in’ during the poker game.

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